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Dec 1, 2012 7:00am PST
. >> well, president obama keeping his opponents close in hand. lunch with mitt romney. a mid-week summit with the business leaders that supported romney. the ceos of marriott, at&t and state farm. of course, meeting, after meeting, after meeting with speaker, john boehner and republican leaders. with this strategy, president obama keeps his opponents from being able to claim that he is unreasonable or stone walling. heck, i have y'all over every day, he can claim. it also ensures that they know where he stands, in the oval office. return there for another four years by the american people. which is why the president has been reminding his coalition of this. >> don't ever take sides against anyone against the family again. >> president obama is letting his electoral coalition or his family know that now is the time to hang together totally, rather than allow republicans to pick you have vulnerable, nervous members of the democratic coalition, he is getting the family in line. he reached out to voters to do their part to continue campaign. calling on all americans to raise awareness about
Dec 2, 2012 7:00am PST
have helped small businesses and those unemployed to get them pack to work. obama care is another one. >> i think it is worth asking the question about being careful -- even beyond whether it's good or bad, being careful about changing the rules when you're in the majority. you should always assume in a country like this, you're going to be in the minority again. we're not in a place where any party is going to dominate. >> there's another danger. i'm for filibuster reform, but this is not a quick fix. the democrats change the rules, instead of focusing on partying building instead of the 60 votes. in a democracy, the way that you know what people want is if they free and fair regular election. >> right. >> this argument about when the democrats are what progressives that might be nervous. everybody has unclean hands in this process. at least we could return to talking about substance. when georgew bush wanted to privatize social security, he had a republican house, it didn't pass the republican house. it was not filibustered. it was unpopular because there's a debate about how unpopu
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2